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Menlo Park Real Estate Transaction Lawyer

Strategic Legal Guidance for Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate transactions come with a unique range of legal challenges. At Flicker, Kerin, Kruger & Bissada LLP, we provide guidance for individuals and businesses in both commercial and residential real estate transactions. With offices in San Ramon and Menlo Park, we represent clients throughout the Bay Area.

As real estate lawyers, we enjoy the opportunity to play a meaningful role in dealings that build significant value for each party involved, such as complex and high asset real estate matters. Below, you will find additional information about real estate transaction law and how one of our Menlo Park real estate attorneys can assist your transaction.

Our Role in Your Real Estate Transaction

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or find the right office space for your company, a skilled legal advocate can protect your finances and your future throughout the transaction process. This can include:

Contracts – This document is also called the “Offer to Purchase” and must accurately represent the intended real estate transaction. This includes the purchase price, a summary of the property, and other conditions related to the transaction.

Title Searches – During the title search, your lawyer will search for and retrieve documents related to the property’s history. Title searches help both parties understand issues related to the real property and any regulations attached to it.

Title Insurance – Title insurance can protect you from unforeseen problems with the property title, including issues undiscoverable during the search. This might be a forged deed, clerical errors, missing heirs, and other matters.

Closing Transactions – Closing a transaction can involve inspections, preparation of closing documents, and executing all formalities and paperwork to finalize the property transaction. With the help of a lawyer, this process can move smoothly.

We Handle Complex Real Estate Transactions

Real estate law creates a unique set of potential intricacies. In such cases, it is imperative to work with a legal team that can structure, negotiate, document, and contract your transaction. Often, complicated real estate transactions involve high assets and represent a large investment on the part of the purchaser and the seller. Because of this, it is necessary to seek the skilled help of a qualified legal representative.