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Equitable or equal distribution? It's your preference

High-asset divorces are common, especially among older couples. As you grow in a marriage together, you collect assets. Some of those assets may become quite valuable over time, making it important for you to seek them out if you're going through a divorce.

Work with the right team for protection during a divorce

In a high net worth divorce, there is as much to gain as there is to lose. It is impractical to think that you will not need the assistance of an attorney during this time. Your divorce is complicated and complex, and there are many laws that apply to it.

Approach your divorce with negotiations in mind

During a high-asset divorce, there are many assets at risk. If you're a wealthy couple, then you likely know that the divorce could impact you both negatively. California equal distribution laws make it so that you are meant to divide your assets 50-50. If that's not something either of you wants to do, then it's time to negotiate.

The ex of Tradesy's owner sues for his share of company profits

The husband of the founder and owner of the online e-commerce site Tradesy filed a lawsuit on April 30 against his estranged wife. In his Los Angeles Superior Court filing, he alleges that his wife breached her verbal promise she'd made to share Tradesy's revenues with him.