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Menlo Park Paternity and Parentage Attorneys

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Establishing paternity or parentage is an essential part of family law because, in doing so, a child can benefit from the protection and rights it provides. Once paternity is established, for example, petitions for child support and child custody can be filed. In addition, a child can benefit from receiving an inheritance, health benefits, and a relationship with his or her father. In the state of California, unmarried fathers can assert paternity by signing a voluntary declaration of paternity at birth and paternity can be established through a blood test.

Flicker, Kerin, Kruger & Bissada LLP can help establish paternity or contest a paternity claim. Paternity cases can be complex when unmarried parents of a child end their relationship, but they have many years of ongoing co-parenting custody and child support issues. Our attorneys can assist in developing long-term parenting plans for the parents to assist with better co-parenting, as well as strategize the best approach for child support. These options can be handled through effective resolution in Mediation, Collaborative Law, Negotiated Private Settlements, or in a litigation process in a Private Judge setting or in Court. We have offices in San Ramon and Menlo Park for the convenience of our clients.