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Parenting problems: What if you don't agree?

It's always hard to deal with a situation in which your partner or ex-partner wants to parent your children differently than you do. Whether it's trying to raise them with a different religion or having an opinion on the extracurricular activities they should be involved in, it can sometimes be difficult to agree.

Don't make these mistakes while creating a parenting plan

Custody can be a disputed issue even after an order is in place, but how can you avoid putting your child in a difficult position? There are some divorce mistakes that you can avoid making, which will help you do your best as a parent and avoid hurting your child.

What kinds of parenting are there?

Parents aren't always on the same page when it comes to deciding on the best way to raise their children. Sometimes, that in itself is enough to lead to divorce. One parent might be more "free range," allowing children to make more mistakes and have fewer rules. The other might be strict, requiring children to follow rules at home, to help with cleaning and to do their best at school.

Missed visitation is harmful: 3 tips for talking to your ex

As a newly single parent, nothing is more daunting than thinking about your child suffering as a result of your ex-wife or ex-husband. You want your child to feel supported, but you know that the other parent is not as invested as they should be.

Parents may be posting too many pictures of their children online

Most parents love taking photos of their children -- and they naturally want to share them! However, the days when you had to corner willing friends and drag out a photo album to show off the kids are long gone. These days, many parents end up using social media to chronicle their children's lives.

Divorce can complicate college plans for children

Parenthood is one of life's greatest journeys, and it used to be an unspoken assumption that two parents would go through it together. As divorce became more common, the rate of single parents in California went up and many more parents had to consider the well-being of their children without help.