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Choosing equitable distribution in a community property state

When you're distributing property in California, you have two options. The state laws require that people who turn to a judge for assistance use community property rules to divide their property. That means that they have to divide property equally in the eyes of the judge.

Don't give up more than you have to during divorce in California

The main thing to know about marital property division in California is that it falls under the laws of community property. Community property essentially means that any assets gained during your marriage are shared equally between you and your spouse regardless of the person who first received them.

How do you get a qualified domestic relations order?

Property division gets complex when you have to take future assets into account. For instance, perhaps your spouse has a pension plan that is going to pay out for their retirement, but, at the time of your divorce, that retirement is still 10 years away. Do you still have a right to those retirement benefits when they start paying out a decade from now?

Should you keep the house and live in it with your children?

Property division during divorce is not always as easy as selling the house, splitting up the money and moving on with your lives. In some cases, it gets very complex. This can happen when you start factoring your children and your family life into the equation.