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June 2019 Archives

Protect yourself during a complex divorce

Complex property division issues arise when a married couple has been together for a long time, when their finances are tightly intertwined and for other reasons. If you are in a situation where you're concerned about dividing your property, and the impact it will have on your finances, it's time to talk with your attorney about the steps to take next.

My ex won't give me my kids...Now what?

One major problem that some parents face is when the other parent tries to withhold custody. It's against the law to withhold custody unless a child is in direct danger, and even then, there are steps that the parent needs to take to report the abuse or negligence that they're alleging is taking place.

Finding legal counsel for a difficult custody case

When you married, you likely could not wait to have children. You may have pictured you, your spouse, and your children going on family vacations, attending sporting events, eating dinner together and various other picture-perfect scenarios. While you may have experienced some of those events, you now face a more difficult situation because you and the other parent are divorcing.