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Parenting problems: What if you don't agree?

It's always hard to deal with a situation in which your partner or ex-partner wants to parent your children differently than you do. Whether it's trying to raise them with a different religion or having an opinion on the extracurricular activities they should be involved in, it can sometimes be difficult to agree.

As parents, you should both realize the importance of making sure your children are well-rounded and able to feel supported and cared for. Pulling them in many different directions may not help you raise your children as well as you'd like.

How can you work together to raise your children better after divorce?

One thing you can do right away is to stop dismissing the ideas or techniques that your ex-spouse uses that you don't like. To start with, listen to what they have to say, and have a conversation about why you do or don't like your child being exposed to certain activities or people.

It's good to find common ground in this kind of situation, so if you can, find simple house rules or activities that you both believe your child should follow or be involved in. From there, you can start discussing the areas of their care that you disagree on. Remember, both of you should keep an open mind unless an action could bring harm to your child.

If you struggle to get along and agree on how to raise your child, then mediation could help. Sitting down with a third party to keep you focused and communicating could be a good way to move forward.

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