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April 2019 Archives

How can you agree on a religion for your child after divorce?

Many divorces in America stem from disagreements based on both people's religions. While married couples often do just fine regardless of religious differences, two people who are devout in their own faiths may not do well with a partner of another faith.

Parenting problems: What if you don't agree?

It's always hard to deal with a situation in which your partner or ex-partner wants to parent your children differently than you do. Whether it's trying to raise them with a different religion or having an opinion on the extracurricular activities they should be involved in, it can sometimes be difficult to agree.

Choosing equitable distribution in a community property state

When you're distributing property in California, you have two options. The state laws require that people who turn to a judge for assistance use community property rules to divide their property. That means that they have to divide property equally in the eyes of the judge.