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Get legal help to deal with an angry spouse during divorce

Your family, even if it's a divorced family, is important to you. You want to be the bigger person and make sure your ex-spouse gets what they need moving forward. You want to guarantee that your child is cared for and feels loved. You're in a great emotional state and are ready to do what you have to in order to move on.

Unfortunately, your spouse doesn't feel the same way. While you've tried to negotiate and be fair, they've gone behind your back and spent all of the money in the shared bank account. They ran up your credit card before you could lock it. They even went as far as to make false allegations about domestic violence.

Keep calm and focus on your rights

If your spouse is acting out in a way that is threatening to you or your child, it is important to mention this to your attorney as soon as possible. Even if it's not physical abuse, false allegations and other actions they're taking are harming your financial security and hurting your reputation.

Instead of fighting back and stooping to the same level as your estranged spouse, it's more important to keep your head held high and to take steps to collect evidence on your spouse's behavior. It's somewhat normal for a spouse to be angry, but trying to ruin your life is beyond what's acceptable.

Your attorney can help you keep track of threatening messages and manipulative tactics, so you can expose your spouse's actions to the judge and get help dealing with the fallout of your divorce.

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