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Psychological frustration and divorce: Normal for kids

One problem some parents have with their children after divorce is that their children may act out. Some become abusive while others are aggressive or angry. This is common, and there are some reasons for the behavior.

You must remember that a child going through a divorce with their parents has gone through a major life change. They may not know what to expect and have difficulty understanding how to express their emotions. If your child is a toddler or in elementary school, they may not yet fully grasp the best ways to explain their worries or to express themselves. Frustration, anger and aggression can result.

There is good news around the corner

The best thing to keep in mind if your child has recently started acting out is that the first year after a divorce is normally the most difficult. Over time, the psychological frustration of a divorce will deplete, and your child will start to get back to normal.

If your child isn't starting to recover after a short time, it's a good idea to consider therapy. You may want to look into other causes of their behavior, too, like bullying at school or trouble at the other parent's home.

No two children are the same, so it's impossible to guess how your child will react to a divorce. Remember, patience is very important for children who are going through a divorce. With patience and support, most children will recover from the divorce without further intervention. Our site has more on parenting issues you may struggle with.

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