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Don't make these mistakes while creating a parenting plan

Custody can be a disputed issue even after an order is in place, but how can you avoid putting your child in a difficult position? There are some divorce mistakes that you can avoid making, which will help you do your best as a parent and avoid hurting your child.

One thing both parents need to do is to effectively manage any anger they have toward the other parent. You should not take this anger out on your child and shouldn't bother to take it out on your ex-spouse, either. Managing anger is more about how you allow events to affect you; by finding ways to relieve that stress in a healthy manner, you'll be a better parent. Your child will learn from you, too, so they can also have better coping skills.

Another thing to do is to be aware that changes will affect you. Know that you will likely spend a good amount of money on your divorce, especially if you can't be flexible when deciding on a parenting plan. Consider alternatives and arrangements that work for your child, not just for you, and you'll be a better parent for it.

Finally, remember that you are your child's parent regardless of how often you see them. Make the most of those times together, and your children will have a good relationship with you, respect you and be happy to see you when you have time together. It's not the quantity of time that matters, it's the quality.

Your attorney can help you work on a solid plan for custody so that you can build a strong relationship with your child.

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