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February 2019 Archives

Don't give up more than you have to during divorce in California

The main thing to know about marital property division in California is that it falls under the laws of community property. Community property essentially means that any assets gained during your marriage are shared equally between you and your spouse regardless of the person who first received them.

Postnuptial agreements can protect your marriage

You may have read that the rate of divorce is on the decline. Analysts point to several reasons why this might be true, but one may be that more couples are using prenuptial agreements to address potential conflicts. However, not every couple is emotionally ready for such a contract prior to marriage.

Don't make these mistakes while creating a parenting plan

Custody can be a disputed issue even after an order is in place, but how can you avoid putting your child in a difficult position? There are some divorce mistakes that you can avoid making, which will help you do your best as a parent and avoid hurting your child.