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Resolve parenting conflicts to help your child succeed

Sometimes, parents run into problems when raising their children. The most important thing is for them to be able to work together to resolve those problems, even if it means putting aside their own feelings toward one another.

When a child is going through a hard time, parents need to work toward a solution that they both can help with. Having one parent suggesting a solution and the other suggesting another could be confusing to a child. The differences in opinion could conflict as well, leading to the child having trouble knowing what is acceptable.

What should you do if you have to make parenting decisions with an ex-spouse you don't agree with?

As parents, you have to do your best to put your child first. You can't ignore the needs of your child or contradict the other parent's parenting preferences without good reason.

You and the other parent should consider going through counseling together so that you can agree on how to handle your child's needs. Sit down and make a plan for how to deal with common events, like bullying, getting bad grades and getting into fights. Talk about acceptable activities and what to do if you catch your child smoking or drinking underage.

Creating a parenting plan early will help you determine if there are areas where you have conflicting parenting styles. If you do, a mediator or counselor can help you talk out the conflict and find the middle ground that will work for your child. If you can work together to be stronger parents, your child has a better chance of pulling through any difficulties they have.

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