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Get help to get through a complex divorce

Anytime you're in a wealthy marriage, you're going to have many assets, retirement funds, stocks and other factors to consider if you want to get a divorce. People in your situation are said to be in complex divorces.

Complex property division is a side effect of having money, assets and factors that influence the ease of your divorce. While a simple divorce may involve a wife and husband, a single home and a few vehicles, yours might include a business, multiple homes, rental properties, retirement funds and other important assets.

What's the best way to handle a complex property division case?

It depends on the position your relationship is in presently. Are you on good terms? If so, mediation might be a great idea. In California, both parties are entitled to 50 percent of the marital assets. However, the way you divide those assets is up to you. In some cases, you might want to divide them in a different way or at a different percentage, too. That's your choice, but it's one you and your spouse must agree on.

If you aren't on good terms, negotiating through your attorneys or arbitration could help. With arbitration, the results are usually binding, but a third party will hear your arguments and decide on what is fair.

Your attorney can help you decide on the best way to resolve your property division settlement needs if you cannot agree yourselves. It's wise to sit down and talk about everything there is to divide, so you can protect your separate property and get a fair share during your divorce.

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