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Equitable or equal distribution? It's your preference

High-asset divorces are common, especially among older couples. As you grow in a marriage together, you collect assets. Some of those assets may become quite valuable over time, making it important for you to seek them out if you're going through a divorce.

Is your business on the line because of your divorce?

As much as you planned and prepared to begin your California business, you want to take similar steps to protect it from divorce. If your business is on the table for asset division during your marriage breakup, not only will your hard work and livelihood be at risk, but your employees, partners and clients may have a great deal to lose. Safeguarding your business against the potential for your divorce is a critical part of being a successful business owner.

Work with the right team for protection during a divorce

In a high net worth divorce, there is as much to gain as there is to lose. It is impractical to think that you will not need the assistance of an attorney during this time. Your divorce is complicated and complex, and there are many laws that apply to it.