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Missed visitation is harmful: 3 tips for talking to your ex

As a newly single parent, nothing is more daunting than thinking about your child suffering as a result of your ex-wife or ex-husband. You want your child to feel supported, but you know that the other parent is not as invested as they should be.

It can be hard to deal with parenting issues between yourself and an ex-spouse, but it is important that you talk them through to prevent your child from suffering the consequences. How can you address the issue of late visitation times or missed visitation days? Here are a few tips.

1. Bring it up in a positive way

Nothing shuts down a discussion faster than blaming another person for their actions. To start with, you can mention that your child would love to see the other person more or state that you appreciate the other parent being on time. Try to stay positive, so you can encourage better cooperation.

2. Keep track of the missed or delayed visitation dates

If being positive and encouraging isn't helping, you should remember to keep track of the parent's missed visitation dates or times when they have to reschedule. Some people don't realize how often they're changing their schedules until they see it in front of them, so a visual representation of missed time with their child could help them change their actions.

3. Talk to a judge

Finally, consider discussing the issue with a judge. If your child is suffering from missed visitation dates and let-downs, it's possible that a change in the parenting plan is in order.

These are a few things to do to address visitation issues. The right steps can help you protect your child.

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