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The ex of Tradesy's owner sues for his share of company profits

The husband of the founder and owner of the online e-commerce site Tradesy filed a lawsuit on April 30 against his estranged wife. In his Los Angeles Superior Court filing, he alleges that his wife breached her verbal promise she'd made to share Tradesy's revenues with him.

According to the husband, he apparently took a break from his music career for a period in order to dedicate additional time to his partnership with his wife.

In his filing, the husband has requested for his ex to turn over a more thorough accounting of her and Tradesy's assets. He's also demanded unspecified damages associated with his wife's alleged breach of contract and fraud.

The man's wife and Tradesy's founder has previously granted interviews in which she contends that, during the early days the company came into existence starting in 2012, she worked 18-hour days. She has apparently said that she funded the startup by leasing her bedroom out so that would be able to pay her living expenses. She apparently slept on the couch during that time frame.

In the filing, the husband goes on to chronicle how the two became romantically involved in 2010 and married in 2012. He notes that, during this time frame, both parties verbally agreed to share any of the future company's assets and income generated.

The husband claims that he contributed $12,000 of his own family's money to fund Tradesy's predecessor. He also alleges that he contributed to the company's development too.

He notes that he did readily sign a prenuptial agreement with his wife in 2012 before they married and that he admittedly didn't have an attorney review it beforehand. He apparently didn't read it over either.

As for why he didn't consult an attorney to have them read it over? He says that it's because his then soon-to-be wife told him that their agreement to share in profits from Tradesy still remained unchanged.

The man's wife apparently filed for legal separation from him in 2017. Since then, she has apparently continued to assert that her husband was never offered any ownership interest in the business.

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Source: MyNewsLA.com, "Tradesy Founder Sued by Estranged Husband Over Income-Sharing," May 04, 2018

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