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May 2018 Archives

When your ex wants to move away with the kids

You may have thought there was no more helpless feeling than the one you experienced as the court ruled on your custody arrangement during your divorce. The precious time you share with your children became even more important after you were limited by a court order, even if the time was split equitably between you and your former spouse.

The ex of Tradesy's owner sues for his share of company profits

The husband of the founder and owner of the online e-commerce site Tradesy filed a lawsuit on April 30 against his estranged wife. In his Los Angeles Superior Court filing, he alleges that his wife breached her verbal promise she'd made to share Tradesy's revenues with him.

Property division can be very complex and challenging

There are many points of a divorce that might prove to be a challenge. For many people going through this process, the property division is the most difficult. This is because people connect to their assets emotionally, as well as financially. If you are going through a divorce, you need to make sure that you are looking at this based on the factors of your case.