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Preparing for the court battle you may never have wanted

When it comes to divorce, few issues inspire an emotional response like the child custody aspect of the proceedings. You and your child's other parent may both think you know what is best for your children, and neither of you is willing to compromise on your visions for their futures.

This probably means that you may not be able to work out an custody agreement amicably. Instead, you face going to court, pleading your case and hoping that the judge will see the situation your way. Considering what's at stake, you wouldn't want to go into this "battle" without understanding what you are up against and making some preparations.

Putting your best foot forward

When preparing for a hearing regarding child custody, you want to prepare for the court, not for his or her other parent. One of the things the court looks for is the parent with a cool head who understands that children need both parents in their lives. Other factors you'll want to prepare include:

  • Documentation: The documentation you intend to present to the court should be thorough, organized and include all of the information that the court needs to make a decision.
  • Appearance: Even though the court makes decisions based on evidence, character and the best interests of your children, how you present yourself matters. You make a better impression if you dress well and maintain a respectful demeanor. 
  • Better parent standard: What the court believes makes a better parent may not be the same as your idea. It may help to gain an understanding of what this standard could mean for your case. 
  • Best interests of the child: Above all else, the court will consider what works best for your children, which may not necessarily be what works best for you.
  • Communication: You will more than likely need to demonstrate to the court that you are willing to communicate with your child's other parent when it comes to the children. A good way to demonstrate this willingness is to make temporary visitation arrangements in advance of the hearing.

Keeping these things in mind could help you prepare for your court hearing with confidence.

Use every tool in your belt

When it comes to securing the future of your children, you would probably use any legal means necessary. In order to know what that looks like in your case, you may benefit from researching your rights and legal options as you prepare to enter the courtroom.

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