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April 2018 Archives

Easing the stress of divorce for your children

As difficult as your divorce will be for you, it will be even worse for your children. You chose to end your marriage and lead separate lives, but they continue to love and need both of you. The fact remains that their lives will change, and they may experience a myriad of emotions about it.

4 ways to tell if a creative custody schedule might work for you

For generations, divorced families have been looking for ways to make custody arrangements easier and better for the children involved. Often, this looked like having them spend most of their time with one parent and then going to the other parent's house for visitation. 

Preparing for the court battle you may never have wanted

When it comes to divorce, few issues inspire an emotional response like the child custody aspect of the proceedings. You and your child's other parent may both think you know what is best for your children, and neither of you is willing to compromise on your visions for their futures.