Misappropriation of Intellectual Property

Misappropriation of Intellectual Property

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Infringing upon the intellectual property rights of another entity is an unlawful breach of civil law or, in some cases, criminal law. Protecting intellectual property is of vital importance to the health and profitability of a business. In many cases, a business’s survival depends on safeguarding these interests, which is why it is important to consult with a Menlo Park commercial litigation lawyer at the first sign of IP theft. We represent cases throughout the Bay Area, and we have local offices in San Ramon and Menlo Park.

What is Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual property law, derived from Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, covers the rules for obtaining and enforcing legal rights to designs, artistic works, and inventions. In the same way that ownership or real estate and personal property is protected by the law, so too does the law safeguard exclusive control over intangible assets. The purpose of protecting intellectual property is to ensure that an individual or business can profit from their products, services, or works without fear that others will steal their secrets and diminish their success.

Violations of Intellectual Property Laws

The following are some examples of intellectual property violations:

Copyright Infringement: Copyrights apply to original intellectual or artistic expressions, including music, writings, films, and architecture. It is unlawful for individuals to distribute, reproduce, display, or make derivatives of works protected by copyright law.

Trademark Infringement: Trademarks protect names, slogans, and symbols identifying a certain product or service for the purpose of avoiding confusion or false advertising about a certain brand. It is illegal to use a trademark on goods and services that are in competition.

Patent Infringement: Patents allow inventors the exclusive right to profit from their product. It is a crime to use, make, offer, or sell a patented invention without the permission of the patent owner.

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets: The law prohibits the acquisition of trade secrets through deceptive or improper means, including employee poaching, reverse engineering, violating non-disclosure agreements, or hacking into computer systems to steal information.

If you suspect that your intellectual property rights have been violated, you have the right to take legal action. At Flicker, Kerin, Kruger & Bissada LLP, we proudly represent both new ventures and established companies in Menlo Park and throughout the Bay Area.


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