Complex Commercial Litigation

Menlo Park Complex Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Clients entrust us with their high stakes disputes. Our attorneys bring sound judgment with an appropriately aggressive edge to their extensive and varied practice. Our practice includes a wide array of business disputes, including breach of contract claims, commercial torts, partnership and entity stakeholder disputes, intellectual property claims, and real estate transactions.

Our lawyers have extensive experience handling jury and non-jury trials, commercial arbitration and mediation.

Equally important to our attorneys' tenacity in the court room is our ability to counsel clients on a broad range of issues to avoid litigation. From our offices in San Ramon and Menlo Park, we work diligently with our business clients to help anticipate and avoid disputes before they arise. We know that every move matters; from the initial counseling, to the early positioning of the facts and issues, to trial and appeal. Smart and strategic moves make the difference between a favorable outcome and a costly result. We bring strength, experience and depth to every client we represent, ensuring their interests are advanced and their assets are safe.

Complex Commercial Litigation Services

Litigation is a last resort but often necessary. Whether utilizing the public courts or a private arbitration panel, we bring sound judgment and substantial experience to our commercial litigation actions. Even after litigation commences, the ultimate goal is to secure for our client an appropriate, cost-effective resolution. While it may entail proceeding to a final verdict or judgment following trial or binding arbitration, settlement is often the most efficient and desirable resolution.

Mediation involves a neutral, experienced, third party who attempts to assist the parties in arriving at settlement. Often, parties can achieve favorable results by voluntary settlement that are not available in obtaining a final judgment or arbitration award, such as restructuring the parties’ relationship, or negotiating terms for winding down or terminating the relationship. Creative, cost-effective solutions to complex commercial disputes is our goal where feasible.


Over the years, Flicker, Kerin, Kruger & Bissada LLP has cultivated a reputation for excellence in the legal field. With a focus on complex and high-asset cases, we provide innovative legal strategies for our clients - always placing their best interests at the forefront of each legal matter. In addition to the gratitude of our clients and the respect of our legal peers, our firm has garnered the attention of many prestigious legal organizations.